πŸ”₯ Hi, I'm Fyre. πŸ”₯

Nice to meet you! I'm a fire elemental vtuber that streams ASMR and games on Twitch.I'm a DIY vtuber - I drew and rigged my own model! I've been streaming as a Vtuber since June 2020 and loving it. πŸ’–Please check out my content! Links + navigation are down below~ πŸŽ‰

Check out my debut highlights video to learn more about me!

βœ‰οΈ Contact βœ‰οΈ

Email: fyrevt[at]gmail[dot]comFor business inquiries only.
Otherwise, feel free to DM me on Twitter!

✨ Commissions ✨

You can find out more about my Live2D rigging commissions here: https://fyrecommissions.carrd.co/

🀍 Teams 🀍

I rep many incredible communities, please be sure to check out the teams I'm a part of down below! πŸ’•

My Vtuber friend group! We are very close-knit and often stream together. We met playing Dragalia Lost several years ago, and have been friends ever since! 🀍

πŸŽ‡ ExtrasπŸŽ‡

Cursor Pack

Cursors by Nagi
Put the cursor images in C:\Windows\Cursor, then assign them in your Mouse Properties > Pointers. Then I shall accompany you wherever you go!


Art by gyo_uo_gyo | phone ver

Art by virgo_vtube

Art by pkpk44

Art by Apollyon

Art by cpllfa

Art by luminarun

Art by Sachi

Art by sgursng_b113

Art by Miyukiverse

Art by ahirumamire


Art by Dz_lovew01

πŸ’₯ About πŸ’₯

Hi, I'm Fyre and I'm a feline fire elemental! πŸ”₯ I'm a VTuber streamer that can be super hyper sometimes!!! Don't worry though, I'm comfy and quiet when doing ASMR.

ASMR, games, and art are my favorite things to stream on Twitch. I adore hanging out with chat while keeping things nice and cozy, but I won't hesitate to time out someone who makes me or my community uncomfortable. πŸ”¨

Let's have a good time together!! πŸ’•

February 12th

Fan Name:
General: #FyreAlarm
Fanart: #FyreArt

Likes: flames β˜† the color red β˜† coffee β˜† burgers β˜† cats
Dislikes: fruits β˜† technical difficulties β˜† horror β˜† scifi

Games: DOS2 β˜† Legend of Mana β˜† Kingdom Hearts β˜† Persona 3/4/5 β˜† Tales of Symphonia
Anime: FMA:B β˜† Anohana β˜† CCS β˜† 3-gatsu no Lion
Manga: Blue Period β˜† That Girl Is Not Just Cute β˜† Witch Hat Atelier β˜† Yakusoku no Neverland